Form and Color


Oil paint, porcelain clay slip, graphite

What if color was not a frequency of light but a tangible medium formed and manipulated with time? These mixed media paintings explore the relationship between earth and color, examining the interplay between intangible frequency and palpable substance.

With the application of clay slip to the canvas, I unify a three-dimensional medium with the two-dimensional realm to reinforce the notion of color as earth. By layering graphite, oil paint, and porcelain clay slip, I create work that is multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, and highlights the contrast between pigment and clay.

Due to the fragile and organic nature of clay, each piece is ever-changing. The composition and form of the work is manipulated by the natural life cycle of the clay as well as with the passage of time. The precise geometry of the graphite lines fragmented by bursts of color and clay connects these works to both consistency and variance, accentuating the dichotomy between what is tangible and what is intangible.


Spring 2015