We the Flower Field


“We The Flower Field”
Found plastic and colored porcelain
6' x 4'

“We the Flower Field” intertwines craft and fine art processes with upcycling and personal narrative. The work contains hundreds of flower forms made of hand-built porcelain roses as well as crocheted plastic that was collected along the streets of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Alamogordo, New Mexico. When I was a child, my mother taught me to crochet using the flower pattern found in “We the Flower Field.” Today, as an artist and ceramic instructor, I teach my own students how to make flowers with clay. By combining crochet and ceramic elements, this work meditates on my relationship with my mother as an artist and educator and feeds the creative wonder and radical joy she nurtured in me. Through this work, I hope to create a space for nurture and joy and to encourage my viewer to reimagine the world around them.

US – Emerging Voices in Clay at the District Clay Gallery
August 11th – September 23rd

Press Release:

"The expansive exhibition, titled US – Emerging Voices in Clay showcases 20 pieces that demonstrate the vitality and power these emerging voices in the art world today. It is also a window into the expressive range of ceramics – pieces in the show utilize the vessel, the figure, and installation work.

These artists have chosen ceramics as their medium to reveal their personal journeys and experiences in this fragmented, and at times perplexing world. Their work looks at the difficulties we encounter, the places we create to shelter and nurture ourselves and the political and cultural winds that buffet us:

Exhibiting Artists: Natalia Arbalez, Emily Connell, Jennifer Ling Datchuk, April D. Felipe, Raven Halfmoon, Margaret Kinkeade, Natalie Kuenzi, Courtney Leonard, Maura Wright, Amanda Schneider.”